The Tatiana Show - Erik Voorhees Of ShapeShift & Kat Murti

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New episode of The Tatiana Show, Steemians! In this episode, Josh and I have two of our best guests in the show's history! First we interviewed the one and only Erik Voorhees, and he discussed, PRISM, and so much more in blockchain. Then it was a fascinating conversation with Kat Murti of Feminists for Liberty where we talk about how feminism and liberty come together, and some insights on what is happening with the drug war, and so much more. You don't want to miss this!

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Topics include: 

--"The State of Shapeshift, PRISM, and More" 

--"The Importance of Hardware Wallets" 

--"Feminism and Liberty" 

--"The Drug War"  

About the Guests: 

-ShapeShift is revolutionary part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is how digital asset exchange should work. The platform gives you the power to quickly swap between assets – no account required.  

-Kat Murti is a libertarian, feminist, and activist, working to make the world a better, freer place, one day at a time. A self-described “creature of the internet,” she believes in using the power of the social media to spread the ideas of liberty online. Kat is the co-founder of Feminists for Liberty (F4L), a new organization that promotes gender equality without abandoning classically liberal ideas. F4L is anti-sexism and anti-statism, a new feminist revolution for dissident feminists of all genders, focused on both traditionally “men’s” and “women’s” issues. 

More Info:  

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One of the best episodes of The Tatiana Show... Keep it up.

Thanks, glad you liked it, we had a good time!

I liked to hear about PRISM, I did signup for the "beta invite" 3-4 months ago (don't remember exactly), but he never invited me, wonder why, maybe I am not beta enough lol???.. It makes me think about a few other guys that dont resond or do business with me, Jeff Berwick, I signup for his news letter earlier this year (what got me curious was that he was about to announce a new coin in his newsletter and only his subscribers would get the information, I actually guessed that it was EOS, but got curious and wanted to read it), Guess what, he never accepted me as a subscriber and never took my money, not a word, just didnt accept me as a costumer (thank god we have the blockchain now)... I simply can't subscribe to TDV... hahaha and I don't need it don't want it anymore.. my guess was right, it was EOS, that I talked about on my free blog before he talked about it in his paid newsletter and he didn't come with anything I didn't know already...

The next person that comes to mind that ignores me is Stefan Mouleneux.. I send him some messages in 2006, when Ditte ran away with my daugther and I did a bunch of comments after Steemit came, inviting him to Steemit, he always ignored me... oh ya and then Craig Grant (not that he bring anything new to the table, but is good at online marketing) also ignored me after we had some contact did some small business .. he was making a "demeaning" comment and then ignored me forever from there... I believe I was the one to tell him about Bitconnect, which makes him millions now.. but he didn't make me his sponsor!!! heheheh lol hahahah... there is something about me and other guys...

I have been thinking about if PRISM is better then BITSHARES / OPENLEDGER... since I cannot test it as of today, then I can only speculate... The Ethereum smart contracts blockchain is slow and have expensive transaction fees, so at this point in time I think BITSHARES / LEDGER would be better to hold a basket of coins and you also have only one key!

I basically lost the legal right to see my son this week, so now next week I need to try to involve the 4th lawyer in the story about my son..(right now it looks like I will not see him until he is an adult, talking about torture and destruction from statism and feminism... even it was an islam woman initiating the conflict last monday)) you can read about it in details on my blog... so I will not say I have had a great time since 2006, due to statism + feminism has basically ruin my option to have a normal life. But I am surprised that I am not feeling worse in the moment.. so I have hope..

Keep it up


Awesome interview! Congrats to that guy owing the deal too :)

Keep up the awesome work, Tatiana!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Still no relief from the Poloniex :( Hope you're well!

Dear Tatiana, I learned something resently, that the more you disagree with somebody the nicer you need to talk to them... not that I think we would disagree on much, just wanted to share it... I signedup at and used it for 2-4 days now to buy and hold BTS and HERO , I will say that it is convinient to use their decentralized wallet and easy after signing up and playing around for a little while.. I recommend doing it, your money is 100% in your control and you can exchange as much as you want.

Keep it up, from the cph


Always good advice!

I guess I didnt learn to talk nicely after all, since I was very very upsat at Anna Draka in the phone...(the conversation is recorded in one of my posts) Its just that what I and my children are going though is over the limit...

Anyway, I guess I have to go back in the court and take more shit from the jew order.. and probably get nothing but bills and emotional damage out of it.. in an attempt to protect my own son from lies and enslavement.

@tatianamoroz Great articles and informative video. Replied (obviously) followed and upvoted. Thank you and I'll be checking in for sure with this kind of content!

Muchos gracias :) It was a fun show!

That Show is really great. Keep going! :D

Thanks, will do. Have a few weeks off for travel in Oct, but it's usually once a week ;)

I'm glad to hear that! : D

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That's great news thank you, but if only I could get my money out of Poloniex :(

excellent show!

Glad you enjoyed it thanks, I like your handle!

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