Breakfast with "Gurame Bakar" at Lesehan Ikan Bakar Duo Upik

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When you plan to cross around Walik Village, Kutasari, Purbalingga Regency in the morning and need breakfast so Small Resto "Lesehan Ikan Bakar Duo Upik" is suitable for your choice. But indeed we have to order before so that it can be prepared quickly. The menu at "Lesehan Ikan Bakar Duo Upik" is very delicious. I have tasted a number of dishes at this place. This place serves a variety of recipes. Especially "Gurame Bakar". It's a Fried Gurame fish with a local recipe. That is Very tasty.


Gurame bakar is served with some vegetables like "cah kangkung". In this place "Gurame fish" serve in many kind of recipe like gurame soup, grilled gurame and other gurame seasoning.


This resto can find near from Tirto Asri Walik swimming pool. You can walk from the pool. After swimming, we can breakfast in this place. Every recipe more delicious tasted if still warm, especially grilled gurame fish. That is very nice.

Restaurant Information

Lesehan Ikan Bakar Duo Upik
Dusun II, Kutasari, Kabupaten Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah 53361, Indonesia

Breakfast with "Gurame Bakar" at Lesehan Ikan Bakar Duo Upik
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