"Siomey Dan Batagor Anugrah Ilahi" a cheap choice at night

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In our place there is an snack food start served at night. In javanese street we easy found that. Especially called "Siomey" and also "Batagor".


"Siomey" made from flour mixed with fish. Sometimes add with eggs and some potatos. It Combined with cabbage too. This foods is very cheap adn fabulous, but delicious. Be a part of Street foods, Siomey and Batagor can found in many combine depending who is the seller recipe. But the main recipe are same.


Siomey and Batagor can fullfil a Dinner variation needs. The price of siomey and batagor are half dollar for one portion.


Restaurant Information

Siomey Dan Batagor Anugrah Ilahi
Jl. Raya Kutasari-Tobo, Dusun V, Kutasari, Kabupaten Purbalingga, Jawa Tengah 53361, Indonesia

"Siomey Dan Batagor Anugrah Ilahi" a cheap choice at night
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Hi wongbraling,

Please provide a photo of the food you ordered/ate and amend your post. This is to ensure the standard quality among Tasteem. Did you take away the food?


Thank you.
[Tasteem supporter] Carlpei

oke thank you for the suggestion. i'm a new steemian still sudying to write on steem. this post, yes i am ordered and buy it to take and eating at home. and about serving, this foods serve in a small palstic so difficult to take a picture so i shoot it before serve. in small packages thats make this food cheap price, but still delicious. I'm sorry if my post under tasteem standart. 🙏

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Oh, I see. Thank you for being honest. Takeaway food is not allowed in this contest and you have posted in a wrong contest theme. However, since you are honest, I will only hide this post from our "Cheap and Fabulous? Totally possible! " contest but you get to keep the reward.

There are only 3 Tasteem contest themes that allow takeaway food (not drink), such as "Takeaway", "My favourite dessert" and "Street Food".

No worries, our Tasteem supporters are here to help. Here are some general contest rules you may need to know. I look forward to seeing your next post.

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THat's the first time i heard of that food. I hope I taste it one day.

You must visit Indonesia. 😁 . tasting of local recipe. thats food esasy founded on javanese street. But that post is still under tasteem if looks from the contest. it should enter the Street Food Contest 🙏 but i posted to Cheap and Fabuolous 🤣

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