Chinese cuisine taste oriental flavor :v

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Chinese cuisine taste oriental flavor

With food, the above lines can not fully describe the flavor, taste of the food. If you have the opportunity and the time, visit China to enjoy the delicious dishes of the land rich cultural history, and food thickness.

Chinese cuisine is considered Oriental cuisine. Coming to the Chinese culinary world comes traditional dishes from all over the country. Each region has its own culinary culture with its own special features. All have created a rich and diverse Chinese culinary culture. Because of that, almost anywhere, from Asia to Europe you can easily enjoy the dishes with Chinese flavor.


As well as Vietnam and other Middle Eastern countries, it is a country where agriculture is highly dependent, so the two main ingredients in their culinary customs are rice, noodles or tender glass and other nutrient supplies. like vegetables, meat, fish or supplements. Chinese people attach great importance to integrity, so even in the dishes must express the full meaning. Fish dishes are usually cooked whole, chickens are cut into pieces and fully loaded onto the plate ... The delicacy in the main dishes is the convergence from flavor, color, taste to the way, page location. The food is not only delicious, beautiful but also nutritious by the ingenious combination of food and drugs such as sea cucumber, herbs. Therefore, most dishes contribute to the healing.


Chinese Cuisine - Stewed food with herbs

Easterners in general and China in particular have a habit of using chopsticks for food. This shows the calm, polite in style of eating.

If you list each delicious food, regional specialties, then perhaps just as many words can not describe it. Therefore, I only offer some delicious dishes, specialties of this land as typical examples. Perhaps it is lacking to mention Chinese delicacies without mentioning Peking Duck. Born from the Nguyen Dynasty, but in the 15th century, this dish became the favorite food of the elite and kings.


Chinese Cuisine - Peking Duck

Today, Peking Duck has become a private brand, a culinary culture unique that people here are proud to introduce to visitors. To get a good duck roll requires the chef to prepare carefully each raw material until processing. A delicious roast duck will have nine layers of skin crispy crispy crispy, fatty without any meat, but the meat inside as soft as boiled eggs.

Usually a duck is made up of three different dishes. Crispy crispy skin, used to roll with rice paper, the remaining meat is cooked into hot pot and fried. Therefore, this is the food you can not miss when visiting Beijing.

Everyone who has been to China knows that rotten tofu is a popular dish that you can not ignore. For a long time, the smell of this fermented tofu has become so familiar to local people. And it is also a dish that visitors must be curious. The rotten tofu is not fussy, luxurious, expensive but attractive to many people by its idyllic, wildlife.


Chinese Cuisine - Dimsum

Referring to the Dimsum of China, can not fail to mention effervescence. This is considered to be the lucky Chinese dish, as the effervescent symbolizes wealth and hope for a bright future. Often, Chinese families are going to sing together in a festive warmup.

With food, the above lines can not fully describe the flavor, taste of the food. If you have the opportunity and the time, visit China to enjoy the delicious dishes of the land rich cultural history, and food thickness.

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Chinese cuisine taste oriental flavor :v
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