Brain Freezin' @ Fruits in Ice Cream

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After a day's errand, it is best to spend time to just sit, relax and have that brain freezing ice cream. I got to do it with my family at Fruits in Ice Cream at SM Cebu. They have a small booth with around 2 tables.

2019-08-27 07.30.16 1.jpg

With just 80 pesos we get to enjoy a scoop of ice cream of our choice. I ordered Dark Chocolate Truffle flavor. It was sweet, thick and creamy. I preferred eating it in a sugar wafer cone than the cup.

2019-08-27 07.30.09 1.jpg

My dad had Mango flavor, which was his favorite. My mom also ordered the avocado ice cream. Both flavors really had that fruitty flavor with enough sweetness.

2019-08-27 07.30.01 1.jpg

I really wanted to try their Espresso and Mixed Berry flavors next time. Why not try one now!

2019-08-27 07.30.05 1.jpg

Restaurant Information

Fruits in Ice Cream
Juan Luna Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Brain Freezin' @ Fruits in Ice Cream
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Looking so good to eat!

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