Moghlai.... Another name of Taste....

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This is one of the most tasty street food in bangladesh. It is very difficult to found any Hotel Beside street in the country where this food not sold.

Another name of this food is Egg Porota. Main ingrediant off this food is egg. So it is also good for health.


I llike this food very much. I bought this food from hotel & took it to home and eat with my family. All of my family members also llike this food. I think it is very difficult to found any people who doesn't like this food...

Restaurant Information

V.I.P Azizia Hotel
Kalarpol Bridge, Bangladesh

Moghlai.... Another name of Taste....
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Looks yummy!

Yes.. delicious.....

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Looking tasty & yammy....

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yess. tasty also...

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Perfect food

Also tasty and healthy....

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looks tasty
Thanks for sharing

Yes its yammy taste.

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