Best Breakfast-- Naan and Halim..

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Hello smart friends. How are you. I am here to perticipate the contest for Best Breakfast. My breakfast itemss is not fixed. Some time i eat ruty and vegetable, sometimess i eat porota and egg mumlet. But most of the time i eat Naan with Halim.
Some times eat naan with egg or vegetables. Naan and halim bought from hotel which is situated near my home. some time we complete breakfast in that hotel. The hotel boy ia really a gentle man and behave is very good.
This is the main parts or stove for making a naan. This is one type of arts.

this is the inside picture of the hotel.
Me with my wife some times in morning go to hotel and take our breakfast.
Me with my father in law take our brakfast with Naan and halim.
After taking breakfast one cup of tea is makes our breakfast perfect. This is our best breakfast...


Restaurant Information

Shah Ohidiya Hotel
Kalarpol Bridge, Bangladesh

Best Breakfast-- Naan and Halim..
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Thank you for entering our <Best breakfast > Contest . Thanks to @von2403, Tasteem has become a more attractive guide. We upvote your post, wish you the best of luck in winning our Contest!


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Excellent Guide dear @von2403

Thanks Bro....

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