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The new restaurant. Today I call Hen's fried rice cake, Nem lemongrass and grilled pork meat at your suggestion.


Mussel rice cake: Sweet mussels, fragrant crispy rice paper. The taste is quite strange and tastes well. Each crime is too much, but slightly less rice paper. Dot 8/10 points


Bun mixed with grilled meat: I think this dish is normal. The vermicelli taste is mixed with sweet and sour and it makes a little sauce. I rate 7/10


Nem: When I was born, I felt a bit strange because I always eat or cover the exhaust pipe. The price is 35k VND and if you roll, the meat will be drowned out by a little meat and lots of vegetables. The rolls are quite dry and cool. The sauce is very similar in taste and I don't like it very much. I rate 6/10


Suppose the shop is in the dynamic menu 20-35k VND and I also find it a mid-range price. Gentle staff. Simple shop decor in Hue style. The shop has some pretty decor. The only minus point is the shop.


The menu also has a number of other dishes such a but today is not available. There are Porridge and many other Hue dishes. If I have the opportunity, I will come back to enjoy many new dishes too. Everyone should try it 💜

Location : Near of Hong Hai Jewelry - Quy Tung Pham

Restaurant Information

Faifo - Ẩm Thực Huế
19 Lương Ngọc Quyến, Hàng Văn Thụ0, Thành phố Thái Nguyên, Thái Nguyên, Vietnam

Faifo - Food Hue
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Hi vipprodz,

I really like the presentation of these dishes.

However, please try to improve your English to ensure that your post is easy to understand for readers and Tasteem.

Thank you.
[Tasteem supporter]


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I love the food presentation. It is so unique.

I love the cat painting. The presentation of the food is spot on. What a great place! Nice review.

It looks tasty!

The presentation looks so unique, I've never seen anything like that before. That paining looks so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this with us!

What a great size of foods, it's really filling!