HoHo Bento - Something is Cooking Different Here!!!

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When Hoho Bento came to my mind, i had a mix feeling, a mix thought of choices and taste.

This is because that Hoho Bento has the menu of Japanese Cuisine, but apparently when you order you food at the counter,m it seems like a Fusion of Japanese Restaurant.

It is also because they serve really varieties of food, such as Burgers, Japanese Bento, Sushi, Hot Dog, Pastries, Chinese Wok Fried Noodles, and even to a Classic Sandwich with Fries.

It was of those days where i had to bring my Aussie Sister (She Migrated to Australia)for lunch with her young boy Rafael 5 years old.

When i reach at the counter to order, i was stunned with lots of choices they had to offer, it is quite spread for them to really concentrate, because it was really FUSION and mixed of country and styke cooking flavour.


The main door or order counter section!!

9b33bf62-8b3a-4ec8-8e05-870ef1eba6b7 - Copy.jpg

Another angle of the restaurant from the outside. By the way, this restaurant is located inside ITCC Mall.


Sushi Station, where they will live make sushi on the spot , freshly made to order or choose my the counter sushi bar.


Simple Deco with Minimal effort, comfy chairs and table, looking back at this picture above seems like childrens party event. Damnn, only know i notice it.


Noe there you go, they make sushi freshly on the spot.

af7647ca-d704-46e4-867e-5bf2dc5658d3 - Copy.jpg

Something like in the America, New York especially where there is a chart to Hot Dog vendors.


Mama Mia, love the Black Bean Ball with Sesame Seed, loving every bite if it.


I ordered this for me. It was a Spicy Friend Noodle.


Something that is out ordinary, they do sell fries ONLY in a plate. They really thought totally Junk


My Sister ordered Chicken Curry Rice, she loved it !!!


Let's eat first ya !!!!

Definately Will come Again :
Total Average: 9/10
Price and Drinks : Average Price 7.5/10
Service: 7/10
Food is Amazing Too!!!

Restaurant Information

Hoho Bento
89500, Jalan Taipakkung Donggongon, Pekan Donggongon, 89500 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

HoHo Bento - Something is Cooking Different Here!!!
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