Restaurant Seafood 5 Crab - Ca Mau Sea Crab.

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The restaurant is located in the alley, outside is the Kodo cafe and goes into a section so easy to find. The seafood restaurant is located in the western part of the city, with open spaces, very open and courteous, welcoming guests or family meals, the parking area is quite spacious, so there is a place for cars to be comfortable. Staff here are very enthusiastic and caring.

This is an ideal seafood spot in Hanoi. Seafood here is very fresh, especially Ca Mau crab is super large and meat. Seafood such as shrimp, squid, clams, oysters ... are made with all kinds of delicious and delicious dishes, the sauce is very rich and tasty, grilled and cheese is attractive. .

Crabs are sold by weight, after crab selection and processing, the price will be calculated later, because each way of processing will be different prices. The price is reasonable compared to the general level and compared to the quality of food, taste and service of the restaurant.

Ca Mau Sea Ca Mau is a wonderful specialty species, gifts from nature bring to people. Ca Mau Sea Crab is considered the best sea crab. Crab meat is medium fragrant, sweet, not too fat, bui, firm. The fatty crabs, ecstatic tongue. Ca Mau people are proud of the special sea crab to welcome guests, or as gifts when visiting relatives in other provinces. Restaurant Seafood 5 Crab - Ca Mau Sea Crab specializes in serving fresh seafood, especially dishes made from Ca Mau sea crabs. The attractive dishes of the restaurant include crab sauce like Singapore crab hot pot, crab roast meats, curry crab ... In addition, the restaurant also has many other attractive three regions, meet the maximum demand Eat all your customers at any hour of the day.

Restaurant Information

Restaurant Seafood 5 Crab - Ca Mau Sea Crab.
74 Nguyễn Chí Thanh, Ngọc Khánh, Ba Đình, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Restaurant Seafood 5 Crab - Ca Mau Sea Crab.
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