Cot Dien Kitchen Restaurant - Dong Nai.

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At Cot Dien Kitchen District 10 cuisine is one of the factors that determine success. It is the flavor of the taste with modernity, luxury in the layout. Each dish is a distillation of elite elites from Asian-European cuisine, meticulously prepared under the hands of talented chefs. Let the restaurant turn your important parties into a masterpiece of art that brings together the two cultures of Asia and Europe, so everyone in attendance must admire.

From the name of Cot Dien Kitchen District 10, diners also can imagine a space is quite liberal, young. Yes, come here, diners like to go to a garden with so many kinds of trees across the space, here, the design is not too stylish, not cramped, but only The simple wooden tables and chairs are arranged in a spacious space that try in some restaurants in this city can do.

Mixing of Western ingredients with Asian spices in the same dish will bring a very special flavor. French fried oysters are oysters with thin shell, soft intestine, fatty, delicious sweet and delicious and not combined with passionate incense, charm from the scent of rice spread out of sake makes people eat once was. Can be knocked down immediately to taste and then want to enjoy non-stop.

Restaurant Information

Cot Dien Kitchen Restaurant
01 Đồng Nai, Phường 15, Quận 10, Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

Cot Dien Kitchen Restaurant - Dong Nai.
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Issue: false information , pictures have been taken from another restaurant(see the table) Source reference related to the different picture.

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