Downtowner Review - Seoul, Korea

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Today I'm gonna introduce my favorite burger restaurant in Seoul!
It's called Downtowner and has 3 stores in Seoul. I will be reviewing the location in Jamsil but I visited all three of them~



Downtowners menu consists of 6 different burgers but actually it's just 4 because 2 of them are just the double version of their small counterpart.
Prices range between 7,000-11,000 KRW (~7-11 USD).
Personally I almost always order the avocado burger and I think its the best burger on the menu.
So unless you don't like avocados I recommend to order at least one avocado burger :)



They also have a great selection of side dishes. I don't have a picture of the side menu but I remember they had regular fries, chilli cheese fries, guacamole fries and much more!


Because there is always a long queue we decided to just take out our burgers and enjoy them at the nearby Seokchon lake near Lotte World Tower in Jamsil!

If you are sick of Korean food (which isn't really possible in my opinion hehe) and are craving some great burgers, take a closer look at Downtowner!

Restaurant Information

South Korea, Seoul, Songpa-gu, Songpa 1(il)-dong, Baekjegobun-ro 45-gil, 3 1층

Downtowner Review - Seoul, Korea
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Gorgeous burgers and a really nice presentation for a take out.


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Really a great takeaway!

Those burgers look really good. Too bad that isn't a lotcation I visit regularly. Sadly, my family members won't let me travel to eat a hamburger. But please enjoy your meal.

The burgers look great, and I love avocado so that would definitely be my choice as well. Seems a little expensive for take out food but maybe it's in line with others in your location.

Haha actually you are right, this place is more on the expensive side! Korea has very cheap takeout options too ~ Maybe I will introduce some in my next post :)

Looks Delicious

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