Hello, thanks for submit your review. But sorry, this is take away service and not match with "Your Weekly Choice Contest." For weekly Choice contest, you must not post take-out food.

But, you can post this review again on "takeaway" contest. Good luck!

If you need help or have any questions, please join Tasteem discord:


No this is not take-out food. While I took out once this is a sit down restaurant. I mentioned that in my review :)

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You can submit again with this same review on "Take away" contest, but for the note: Edit this post (like with the words error or etc), so Steemit doesn't read your double posts.

Thank you for the attention :)

This really looks so good… I especially love the look of the crispy bun with the sesam seeds at them! I am far away from South Korea myself, but this is a place I would love to visit!


Thank you for entering our <Your weekly choice > Contest . Thanks to @unfixable, Tasteem has become a more attractive guide. We upvote your post, wish you the best of luck in winning our Contest!

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