Tailor Coffee - Seoul, Korea

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Hey guys, I got introduced to Tasteem through a comment on one of my food pictures and I decided to give it a try by introducing one of my favorite cafes in Seoul to you guys!

The place is called Tailor Coffee and while I first visited them when they only operated in 1 place, nowadays they are operating 6 cafes in total due to their ever-increasing popularity.

The location I'm linking in this post is the original one and its smaller and more quiet than the newer locations.


They have some merchandise as you can see below, I grabbing some of their cold brew. I tried it in the cafe and brought a bottle to my home because it was so tasty!

Let's get to the reason why this is my favorite cafe - their damn good coffee :D
The first pic has ice einspänner and an ice flat white. The flat white went perfectly with the cheesecake!


If you prefer your coffee hot I also really like their latte and hot einspänner (as seen below).


They also got a coupon system where you get a free beverage for every 10 beverages you order.
As you can see below I'm a frequent customer haha.


So if you ever visit Seoul and are craving some really good coffee, drop by Tailor Coffee!

Restaurant Information

Tailor Coffee
329-15 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Tailor Coffee - Seoul, Korea
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how damn good coffee they made? cold brew, marked!

Really damn good! :D

Look like a good place to have that yummy coffee.

Yeah it's in my top 5 to go places for great coffee in Seoul :)


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That coffee looks so good to drink..

Welcome to Tasteem Global, nice to have you here!

Thank you for sharing your taste with us. We are looking forward to see more from your good review in the future.

Cat/ @siamcat -Tasteem Global team

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Thanks for the welcome! Missed your comment before :)
And thanks for replying to my questions on discord ^^

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