Tokkijung - Japanese/Korean fusion food in Seoul, Korea ~ A Tasteem Review

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Hello guys! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend ~ Today I will introduce a restaurant that combines two of my favorite countries cuisine, Korea and Japan.
The name of this place is Tokkijiung (토끼정 in Korean) and it is a modern fusion restaurant targeted at young people.

We started our dinner with some ade! berry ade and yuzu ade ~ super delicious! They gave one ade for free if you share a post on instagram about their restaurant.

One of the main dishes we ordered was grilled pork rice. They put a runny egg on top which perfectly complemented the slightly spicy pork.

The next dish we tried was curry-nabe. It tasted great and all the ingredients were very fresh!

If you like salmon you should try the kansai salmon sashimi plate. Very fresh salmon and tasty salad. It would be complemented perfectly by some beer or highball :)

If you are very hungry go for the donkasseu curry omurice bowl! It is super filling and challenging to finish it all.

Lastly, the dish below is one of their signature dishes. Can you guess what it is? Its,... curry udon! But the noodles and curry are hidden below a layer of cream hehe. Which results in this interesting appearance! Tasty and good for taking a picture :D

If you are looking for some tasty and filling japanese/korean fusion food, I recommend you to visit tokkijung!

Restaurant Information

405 Hangang-daero, Hoehyeon-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Tokkijung - Japanese/Korean fusion food in Seoul, Korea ~ A Tasteem Review
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This is my very first time to see cream in a dish like that. How does it taste like?

It taste very good actually! It's not sweet so it's more like cream pasta type of cream than whipping cream :)

Your from America? How's it being in Korea?

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