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Hello Foodies around the world!

Today, I will share my dine-in experience at Costales Nature Farms and I made a post about their agri-tourism, which you can find it here.

Costales Nature Farm is located at Barangay Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna Philippines.



We paid 250.00 Php (5.00 USD) as entrance fee for the farm tour and inclusive of unlimited fresh vegetable salad with their very own vinaigrette dressing, fresh blended cucumber drinks and a pitcher of lemon & mint infused water.
The fresh salad are composed of edible flowers, tomatoes, cucumber, native turnips, lettuce and carrots, all are picked from their organic garden

All tastes so fresh, the veggies are crunchy with hint of natural sweetness and crunchy in every bite. The cucumber drink was so refreshing, as well as the infused cold water.

We enjoy this complimentary snacks after an hour of farm tour. We decided to roam around again on our face after the snack to get more decent photos of the land. Around lunch time we felt tired and satisfied, so we decided to have our lunch in farm as well.


This plate of salad was another round from our unlimited inclusion, so we asked for it along with our orders for lunch. As you can see there’s different variation of edible flowers on top.


We choose another plate of vegetable, the Insaladang Talong or Eggplant salad, it’s a grilled eggplant with fresh sliced tomato, white onion, cucumber, onion leaks and salted duck egg with vinegar, salt, pepper and a bit of sweetness, honey perhaps. I must say, this is the best insaladang talong I ever tasted in my life. Lol! Coz I’m not a fan of eggplant salad, but this one nailed it.


And to complete my farm experience, I pick a classic Filipino delicacy, Ginatang Halo-halo. It’s a thick sweet delicacy or dessert made from sticky glutinous rice form into balls, mixed with chopped sweet potatoes, ripe jackfruit and ripe Saba banana in creamy coconut milk with sugar. Ugh! I am drooling right now, it’s one of my favorites classic Filipino delicacy, yummy!


Cotales’ restaurant serves mostly veggies but there’s few pork dishes like Pan-grilled Rosemary Pork, it is a pork chop that tastes really really good, it’s so lean, tender and savory. Perfect paired with all the veggies on our table.


And here’s my plate, I ate lots of salad, I just tasted a spoon of rice and of course I had my black coffee.


The serving was big and good for 3 persons, which cost more or less 600.00 Php (12.00 USD) having a healthy, fresh and delicious meal like this, really worth it. Also, they have polite and friendly staffs. Thumbs up for them. 👍🏼😊

Thank you and have a good day.



Restaurant Information

Costales Nature Farms
Brgy. Gagalot, Majayjay, Laguna, Majayjay, 4005 Laguna, Philippines

Be Veggie • Costale Nature Farms | Tasteem
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