My Favorite Dessert @ Max’s Restaurant • Philippines

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Hello Steemitverse and Foodies around the world!

The meal is not complete without the dessert, right? So for your sweet tooth after the sumptuous meal, Max’s Restaurant is perfect place for that.

Max’s Restaurant or simply “Max’s” was originated in the Philippines after World War in 1945 by Maximo Ginemez. The first restaurant was located at Scout Tuazon in Quezon City, serving their special made fried chicken which became popular and soon called “the house that fried chicken built.” All these trivia was found in the wall inside the resto and even the original prices of the menu during that time.

This restaurant serves traditional Philippine dishes such as:

Kare-kare, a thick peanut based slow cooked beef stew (oxtail and hocks) with string beans, eggplant and banana blossom with bagoong.

Sinigang na Salmon, sour soup with salmon fish and lots of veggies.

The famous Fried Chicken, it is so tender and tasty as the tag line says - “sarap to the bones.”


These are the dishes that we ate before we had our dessert.

To complete our meal, we got:


Buko Pandan, it’s a kind of salad from young coconut fruit and pandan flavored gelatine with cream, sweetened milk, tapioca and vanilla ice cream on top and sprinkled with pop rice. Ugh! I am drooling right now by just looking at the photos, I can imagine how delicious it is.


Also, we tasted this super moist and chocolaty Chocolate Cake Loaf, it’s delightful not so sweet but you can really tastes the dark chocolate flavor perfect paired with cup of coffee.

Kare-kare - Php 550.00 (11.00 USD)
Sinigang na Salmon - Php 450.00 (9.00 USD)
Whole Fried Chicken - Php 390.00 (7.80 USD)
2 Buko Panda - Php 190.00 (3.80 USD)
Chocolate Cake Loaf - Php 130.00 (2.60 USD)
2 Coffee - Php 110.00 (2.20 USD)
TOTAL = Php 1,820.00 (36.40 USD)

Pan-Philippine Highway Tayabas City, Philippines. (Near St. Jude Cooperative Hotel)

Thank you and have a good day! 😊❤️



Restaurant Information

Max’s Restaurant
Pan-Philippine Hwy, Tayabas, Quezon, Philippines

My Favorite Dessert @ Max’s Restaurant • Philippines
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One of my favorite Restaurant's here, though it's kinda pricey. Thanks for sharing this with us po!
Keep safe always

Thank you sir. 😊

looks delicious!

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