Taiji Hotpot Restaurant is my choice.

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Talk about Hong Kong hot pot in Taiji is to think of the delicious taste spread to each cell. The characteristic flavors of herbs, dried peppers, pepper, cinnamon and sea vegetables are all blended together to create a unique feature where no. Hot, cold; meat, vegetables; has a pungent, sweet taste, ... all balanced as the yin-Yang - which is inherently the nature of nature.

Dishes that are delicious and good for health also need to be balanced between the two extremes. Taiji Hotpot Hang Bong restaurant understands that and is ready to bring you and your loved ones what is the most quintessential. As the name implies, Taiji - ie the yin and yang, Taiji Hotpot keeps intact the equilibrium formula between the two extremes that the people of Port Fragrant built to make a passionate flavor, all over the world. Especially, the restaurant has a blue tongue hotpot, spicy and aloe vera are good for the skin.

In particular, Taiji Hotpot Hang Bong is also interesting to add a lot of new materials, bearing the impression of Hong Kong cuisine such as Hong Kong duck, Taiwanese beef, Mongolian sheep, ... Not to mention the raw noodles made by the restaurant itself only when the request from customers again. Whenever vegetables, meat in one of four different types of hot pot dishes, at the end of the meal just enjoy the toughness of the noodles and the impression of water, it is nothing more wonderful!
Come to Taiji Hotpot Hang Bong restaurant, besides hot pot buffet, do not forget to enjoy many invitations such as: 15-20 kinds of dimsum, grilled chicken, spring onion, sashimi oysters, oysters grilled onions, cheese oysters, ... dimsum small beautiful, delicate; The dumplings, which are surprisingly from the crust to the core or sweet chicken legs flavors blend with the ship smugly, ... all will make a dinner party Hong Kong unforgettable in the heart of customers. !



Restaurant Information

Taiji Hotpot Restaurant
46 Hàng Bông, Hàng Gai, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Taiji Hotpot Restaurant is my choice.
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