Hanoi Bus Cafe - You will be captivated

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I know to Hanoi Bus Cafe in a Hanoi trip. It really is a coffee restaurant model unique and interesting.
I and my friend had a great time. It gave me a new to space and coffee. I would recommend to everyone right now about it.

Bus Cafe Hanoi bus model is unique cafe with 2 main concept.
First: all objects and decorations made from recycled maps. And the cafe is a bus has expired circulation redesigned.

Second: At the Bus Cafe Hanoi, they encourage reading. Here there are always new books make reading space friendly.

Old bus with discarded items used to make up one unique space



Drinks at Cafe Hanoi Bus is rated good. Beverages here including traditional Cafe and Ice line blender. Very reasonable prices only from 2 $ - $ 4 for a drink.



Space really very quiet. This place is a favorite location and attraction for everyone


Hanoi Bus Cafe is open from 6h00 AM to 10:30 PM daily. This will be the ideal space for those who like to read books or simply want to experience one unique space to drink coffee, friendly environment.
Address: Metro yard Ha Dong Hieu street, Ha Dong, Hanoi.

Hope you love it :)) </center

Restaurant Information

Hanoi Bus Cafe
Tô Hiệu, Hà Cầu, Hà Đông, Hà Nội, Vietnam

Hanoi Bus Cafe - You will be captivated
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