Tasteem GL's got New Supporters

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As we have announced last week, team Tasteem has been recruiting supporters for Tasteem GL over the last week. Many of you have shown interests in the position and it was a challenge for us to pick from such great candidates. However, we have finally chosen four supporters among them, and the names are

@travelgirl @siamcat @elteamgordo @lenancie

Congrats to you all and hopefully, we can together make Tasteem GL a great community for all of us. Sorry for those of you who have not been chosen for one, you will have opportunities to be a part of our team in the future.

Thanks for showing so much support for us. We promise to offer a great service to you all.



You have already made my day, Tasteem. I feel so excited to join this team and contribute my effort to build a strong team. I'm so happy to see all of you around and be a very important part of of my work.^^ congrats to all of us @travelgirl, @siamcat, @elteamgordo

@tasteem Lenancie is a very hard working girl and she has been selflessly helping the Vietnamese community on Steemit. This is a position she truly deserves.

@lenancie I wish you every success in your new position.

@lenancie Chúc mừng chị nhé! Hân hạnh cho VN mình quá.

hehe, cảm ơn em rất nhiều nhaa

That’s a great news! Thank you Tasteem ❤️


good, I see they are people well deserved

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