<Wanna go get a beer?> Contest Announcement

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Wanna go get a beer?

Nothing comforts you more than a cool glass of beer after a long day. Where’s your favorite spot to grab a beer?


Thursday August 16th 2018, 01:00 UTC ~
Wednesday August 22nd 2018, 08:00 UTC

How to Enter the Contest

Post at <Wanna go get a beer?> Contest.

Contest Rules

  1. Please write your post in English. This is to ensure that your post is understood by as many people as possible, including Tasteem.
  2. There must be a photograph of the restaurant that you yourself took.
  3. You must cite the source for any photograph taken by someone other than yourself, for example photographs from the restaurant’s website must be described as such.
  4. There must be a reasonable amount of information about the restaurant you wish to review.
  5. It is in your own interest to post something relevant to the themes suggested.
  6. Everyone should strive for fair competition. The usage of upvoting bots is forbidden.
  7. Tasteem may hide your post if it is not in line with the regulations set out here.
  8. If you persist in actions frowned upon by everyone, you may be put on a blacklist by Tasteem.

First Prize: 20% upvote (approx.) + 40% of SBD generated by this post

Second Prize: 20% upvote (approx.) + 30% of SBD generated by this post

Third Prize: 20% upvote (approx.) + 20% of SBD generated by this post

4th~10th Runners-Up: 20% upvote (approx.)

Reward for All Participants: Everyone entering the Contest will be upvoted by @Tasteem.

  • Your total score consists of the amount of SBD expected at payout + the number of votes.
  • Only those who choose to delegate a part of their reward will be eligible to receive the SBD from this announcement as winners of the Contest.

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I really want to join @tasteem. I really want to join @tasteem, so I made my account name @tasteem1 but I don't know how to ask for the solution.


Did you apply for Tasteem account? Then you have to wait until Tasteem announces your name in the white list first, but if your name already in the white list and you still could not write any post. Then go to report the problem at Tasteem.io


yes I am registering for tasteem, if I can know the date when it is generally right by tasteem


Check here if your I’d in the Tasteem “white list”


if not you have to wait for the next announcement.
Usually we have to wait about 4-6 days.


yes my best friend, i will see it yeah

#tasteem please enter me again.

I'm sorry if something goes wrong.



Please refer to the review you've made in the past. We announced that your name has been deleted from the list because of the inadequacy of the review. Thanks.


cok jra keu....

Good reason to go drink 🍺🍻cheers 😁

Great contest 👍

I am having a tasty beer right now :)

help me please image

help me please image