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Your weekly choice

Tell us about your favorite restaurant. Your memories of loved ones, a beloved place, especially a dining place, tend to stay with you in your loneliest hours.
How about introducing us to your best restaurant of the week, an old favorite, or a great new discovery?

This contest has ended with a total prize of $319.13

The Winner @travelgirl

Food Sharing #55 - Have Lunch at Flower Child @ Chatswood, Australia
Reward : $12.99 + 5.11 STEEM


Runner-Up @bengy

Sheep (A Tasteem review)
Reward : $7.64 + 3.832 STEEM


Runner-Up @slobberchops

The Fisherman, Settle
Reward : $4.51 + 2.555 STEEM


Congratulations to all the Contest Winners! We'd also like to thank all the curators who took part. You've all been a great help in improving Tasteem, and we'd love to have to back!

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Thank you! It was nice to write e the review and a pleasant surprise to rank second! Congratulations also to @travelgirl and @slobberchops.

It's good to see the rankings are on their way to becoming fairer as well thanks to the hard work of some of your mods. It begins to restore some faith in the contest!

Congratulation, all winners

I always try to be one of you all.
Keep fighting to review restaurants better than before...


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