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Beverages with friends

Introduce us a beverage place, where is actually ideal to have some favorite drinks and chat and laugh. Your life needs to be balanced always and enjoy some drinks with your friends is one of the best ways to cheer up you life. So, please share with us your memories, the places you have already chosen to hang out with friends. Your review will be noticed and rewarded. Maybe it will be a surprising gift for your friends next time all of you guys come there. Please double your happiness and joy. Feel free to share with us every kind of drinks and beverage places (cafe', bars, club etc.) as long as it’s a place to let the sipping and the friends slow down your busy days.

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This contest has ended with a total prize of $108.24

The Winner @nickychu

My favorite place to chill with friends
Reward : $5.82 + 3.044 SBD


Runner-Up @elteamgordo

Hotel Casa Awolly (Bar review)
Reward : $8.33 + 2.283 SBD


Runner-Up @anggreklestari

Yummy Traveler #11: Creating Exciting Conversations with Traditional Indonesian Drinks
Reward : $4.2 + 1.522 SBD


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