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Your weekly choice

Tell us about your favorite restaurant. Your memories of loved ones, a beloved place, especially a dining place, tend to stay with you in your loneliest hours.
How about introducing us to your best restaurant of the week, an old favorite, or a great new discovery?

This contest has ended with a total prize of $275.56

The Winner @travelgirl

Food Sharing #47 - Dinner at NaruOne @ Sydney, Australia
Reward : $17.54 + 6.391 SBD


Runner-Up @ecoinstant

Full Review of the English Inn - A complete experience for loved ones and lovers
Reward : $10.18 + 4.793 SBD


Runner-Up @legendchew

STEEM Food Tours #23: Wonderland Village Restaurant - PG, MY
Reward : $8.0 + 3.196 SBD


Congratulations to all the Contest Winners! We'd also like to thank all the curators who took part. You've all been a great help in improving Tasteem, and we'd love to have to back!

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Congrats everyone 🎉

Whooooa! Congratulation for all winner! I'm so happy, this is the first time I'm in top 10 of the weekly contest.

Thanks for the curator who choosed my post to be high quality post. I promise, next time I will do my best.

Thanks for the cool contest, @tasteem


Kak Anggrek, kalau mau ikutan ini syaratnya apa ya?
Saya sudah 2 kali mau apply contest review-nya ga bisa.

Btw, congrats ya Kak

Halo, @ammachemist kamu sudah login dan ingin submit tapi gak bisa? Keterangannya di situ apa ya?

Kayaknya banyak yang tidak bisa juga seperti kamu karena ada belum masuk whitelist mereka. Untuk masuk whitelist @tasteem, kamu isi formulir seperti google doc gitu. Link nya cek di bagian akhir postingan tentang pengumuman whitelist

Sudah isi dua kali form-nya.
Tapi ga ada kabar di email juga

@tasteem please enter me into the bleaching list

Congratulations to all the winners~~ Thank you @tasteem for such a great platform!~

Thank you @tasteem. May I know how much SP for the delegation? I don't think anyone of us get the SBD prizes since we didn't know about the delegation part or any information on how to delegate for this part.

Hi @legendchew! I`m here to help :) If you want to delegate, please make a comment (for example replay to this one) like this:
I want to delegate X sp to @user
Where X is the amount of SP and @user is the steem user you want to delegate to. For example:
I want to delegate 100 sp to @tasteem
@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

Congratulations to all the winners :)

Congratulation to everyone!!

Congratulations for everyone!
I found out some post used bot votes and got reward. I think it’s not fair for the other competitors.

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