Chana Piyaju, Street Food

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Today I was put with some of my friends and I was thinking of sharing something with all of you. So after going through few things Tasteem caught my eye and yes there was a category which I was able to go thy and as a result I am sharing that with all of you.

This particular street food is quite famous in my city and I believe because of it is easily available and the price of it is quite affordable as well.


It is known as Chana-Piyaju in my local language. The thumbnail image is the mixture of them both. It is indeed quite affordable as the place where I come most often in the evening I do try to have it and as I was asking the owner he did said he sells everything for that day and for a very long time he have running this little cart and like I said I do see people everyday in his cart and his food does attract them to come over everyday.


It is not that much in price. Which is actually 15-25Bdt in my local currency.

Restaurant Information

Shohag Bhair food
Sylhet Sadar Upazila, Bangladesh

Chana Piyaju, Street Food
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