TakiTaki Hotpot - Hotpot buffet

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For those who have come to Japan or know the meaning of the name TakiTaki. In Japanese,


takitaki means waterfall. And usually on New Year's Day, the Japanese will come to the waterfalls to drink water, hoping for a lucky new year will come to them.

That is also the reason that the restaurant on the streets of Vo Chi Cong with the name of TakiTaki - Hotpot was born, with the desire to bring good luck to all the guests when eating here.
If you are a follower of borderless cuisine, the unlimited Hot Dog Buffet at TakiTaki and a variety of delectable desserts will be a great choice for you. With all kinds of ingredients in the barbecue menu is very rich, can be mentioned: three pointed, American beef rolls mushroom magnet, seafood types: shrimp, octopus, clams, sturgeon, Vegetables, fresh mushrooms: sweet potato, corn, okra, pumpkin, ..


. combined with what is equal.
Attractive, unique and very different in taste of each dish. All food is fresh, carefully selected and processed meticulously to ensure hygiene and safety for the guests, bringing the food is really perfect.
254,000 / person


Restaurant Information

TakiTaki Hotpot - Hotpot buffet
Võ Chí Công, Hà Nội, Vietnam

TakiTaki Hotpot - Hotpot buffet
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