A UNIQUE Fusion Dumpling Restaurant Experience!

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Sup my fellow Foodies!

Are you ready for summm interesting and UNIQUE FUSION dumplings ?

Im also excited when it comes to fusion , taking food to the next LVL ~

Went to a nearby street from Bugis , probably a 10 mins walk to the Attractive Resturant which had the Striking Red DUMPLING Signage .


There's an Automated queue system to get your queue number , pretty modern!

But please get a reservation or an booking to avoid the long wait during peak hours ..


A very Modern Japanese like interior design !


After seating down, we were greeeted with this Cute Dumpling menu , with dumplings stackin up !


Now we ordered the $20 platter of dumplings ..5 types of 3 ,
hat comes with 5 UNIQUE different flavors ranging from East to West !! Comes in 15 pieces !


The SMOKED DUCK dumplings.. topped with caramelized onions, arugula , balsamic vinaigrette, the skin fried to crisped perfection , stuffed with chunks of smoked duck ,shitake & leeks .. SPIKING MY taste buds with sour explosion.. sweet aftertaste , followed by the light smoky duck & mushroom goodness.



The VEGGIE MANDU comes pack with shitake , tofu & spinach, really love the flavors when combining the mustardy sauce underneath..


The FRIED PIEROGI dumplings ..
Stuffed with smoked bacon , caramelized onions , truffle potatoes, stuffed and fried , creamy potatoey
light cheesey but most of all the Sriracha Crema took it the next LVL !


THE ORIGINAL dumplings.. Gingery toppings and lots of porky bits .


The MOMO CURRY dumplings,topped with crispy curry leaves and stuffed with minced pork collar ,& labneh base..love the curry flavored spice pork , not spicy , just more on the flavors, ranging from curry, to sourness from the Labneh (Greek Yogurt)


Noodles here are also above average, bouncy chewy noodles texture , and lots of toppings ..



My Ratings : 4.95/5

Ambiance : 4.93/5 Japanese liked area , pretty small , Striking red dumpling sign , really friendly staffs !!

Location : 44 Amoy St, Singapore 069870

Sneak preview at my Instagram --> [email protected]

Captured with Samsung S7 EDGE (HDR)(Original)

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Restaurant Information

Dumplings Darlings
44 Amoy St, Singapore 069870

A UNIQUE Fusion Dumpling Restaurant Experience!
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The name of the place is really unique.

Thanks for sharing this detailed review with Tasteem


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those dumpling picture is so great. I feel hungry after looking at it.


awesome! =D