Ninos, The Fighting Cocks Inn - Burnley

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Yes, the sign says Cliviger, but Burnley is a major town and just a stone throw away so the title will remain steadfast.


We have been looking to try this restaurant for some time now. It’s one of those that keep closing down and opening up under new management, but it appears to be getting some good feedback on TripAdvisor in its latest incarnation.



The first thing I noticed was the size of the building. It’s big, and the car par is just as big, with room to eat outside too during nice weather.


Being Saturday lunchtime, the place was far from full. Just how we like it!


I took several photographs of the interior getting some attention from the staff.



After explaining I was a blogger and I would send them the review of their restaurant, they seemed to relax a little. I get this quite often.


The menu was very small and there were not a lot of choices.

I’m quite sure this is a lunchtime option only, as there were other dishes ‘not available’ to eat during these times on another menu.


Initially I thought the prices were a little high, but to me it’s the quality that counts. 'Is the food good?', is the important fact.

@bingbabe and I ordered the same thing, ‘Steak & Onion Sandwich’ at £10.50, and as an accompaniment, a side of Garlic Mushrooms to share.

The sandwich stated that it comes with ‘crisps’ (Potato chips to US readers), but we wanted chips (French fries to US readers), and they duly accommodated us at no extra charge; always a nice


The service was good; around 15 minutes to get our food delivered is very acceptable to me, but what of the food quality?

The Garlic Mushrooms looked awesome, and they tasted just as good. The sauce was made in a cheesy thick style with some added parsley and plenty of garlic.


The Sandwiches were chunky and filling, the chips crispy and cooked just how I like them. The skins had been partially left on, something I’m usually not so keen on but the taste was lovely.


We finished all that garlic sauce dipping our sandwiches and chips into it repeatedly, what a combination!


There were a couple of other families in the restaurant but large parts of it were quite deserted.

I can imagine it getting very full in the evenings, and with several rooms to choose from there’s variety of seating.


The kitchen is quite open for viewing which is another nice feature. It’s always good to see what’s going on behind the scenes.

There’s some tasteful décor around the restaurant, photos on the walls, books and ornaments and of course the usual ‘restaurant’ easy going music playing along.


Free WiFi is always a good bonus; it wasn’t very quick but required no sign up page. Just connect and go plus a Five Star Food Hygiene rating is really required now to get diners attention.


At just over £30 for 2 people that includes 2 Coke’s, a starter and two sandwiches, you might think that it is expensive.

That really depends what you value, food or quality food. We left feeling very full.

Ninos, The Fighting Cocks is a quality diner and one we will be returning to. It will be Garlic Mushrooms again for sure, but we may try another main course next time.

Restaurant Information

Ninos, The Fighting Cocks Inn
308 Red Lees Rd, Burnley BB10 4RQ, UK

Ninos, The Fighting Cocks Inn - Burnley
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Hello i'm tasteem supporter @siamcat . i'm struck with quality posting. So tasteem gave a special present to you. We are looking forward to see your wonderful posting in the future.

Sounds good. As a Londoner the price would be normal, but not cheap for Burnley. The food looks great, nice pics, and nice view of the interior, looks seriously spacious. I hate eating in pubs when you find yourselves elbow to elbow with other diners (unless I'm there for a drink only, then the more the merrier).

On an aside, had a girlfriend from Bradford who's nan was from Burnley (this was 25 years ago), the only person in Yorkshire I could not understand. I swear her accent was so strong, as well as using terms I had never heard, it was like a foreign language. I felt like and idiot, and just smiled and said yes to everything lol

I think eating out is generally getting more expensive and there are a lot of 'premium' eateries. Pub grub used to be cheap, but they are all going gourmet. Sometimes you just want something basic, but filling. Still, this looks like good food


You also see that with a lot of burger restaurants specifically. You used to be able to get a decent normal burger under 10 euros, but now most of these places (in my city) have turned into gourmet burger restaurants. Impossible to get a regular burger and now you're paying close to 20 euros.


This is the way pubs survive. The old beer guzzling habits are disappearing and left for a few hardcore pissheads and old men. I'm happy to see the back of them.


I know profits can be slim generally. I'm amazed the local pub keeps going although they seem to do well from food.


If it's in a village and the only one, then it has a chance of surviving. They make a lot on soft drinks, and if the food is good.. its always a bonus.

Those Garlic Mushrooms look AMAZING!!! I always have to wait until after 12pm before reading your posts now because my eating window doesn't open until then and you always make me hungry! haha
As for the cost, I think £30 is reasonable for the food and drinks that you had, especially as the quality was good. I'd probably save it for a special occasion though, not just a quick bite to eat :)
Great Post SC! :D


Thanks @beautifulbullies, sorry for the lack of interaction recently. I get home and there's a ton of Steemit for me to do every night! I'm knackered.

The restaurant looks great, great atmosphere. And about prices...yeah, things are getting more expensive, but indeed if the quality is good I don't mind paying a few extra euro's..


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Nice place indeed...Though you decided to get a Steem “rest”

Nice write up! The mushrooms look amazing! The sandwich looks good too. I always forget to take pictures when we go to new places. For example we went to a place I haven't been in a while this weekend. I took pictures of the outside and our beers and then I totally blanked when our food came and I have no shots from that. It feels like such a waste :) This place looks like my kind of place though.


You should try the @tasteem compo's, just take lot of pics and do a good write up. I know you are well capable, and they reward well.


Yeah, I always forget to take a picture of the outside of the place and that is like one of the first things they say they expect so I usually can't use Tasteem as much as I would like.

This looks like a really comfortable pleasant place to eat. I wasn't sure from the menu whether I would fancy anything, but the food looked gorgeous - those chips! and the mushrooms! The price came in my usual budget for a meal and the meal looked well worth it.


The mushys were something special, its all about the sauce!

holy 30?! I think my time in Romania ruined my sense of what is cheap and pricey. Here a full meal plus a beer would not even go over 10 dollars :D.
(and that would be the pricey meals). Nontheless, it looks bloddy good mate!

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