The thousand year old soup

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Lu Yi Beef Noodle Restaurant is a noodle shop that's been around for around ten years. Before I show you the shop, I want to show you something that looks quite evil, but don't be put off by it please. This is the massive saucepan cooking at the shop front. I couldn't see exactly what's inside, but based on the menu I think it's braised beef. It seems been cooking for ... a long time .... just look at the rim of the saucepan. I know many places cook in the same saucepan day after day by just adding fresh ingredients in so the flavour of the food keeps on intensifying. That's what I call a thousand year old soup.

There is an open kitchen here just behind this thousand year old pan of braised beef. This is quite different from normal eateries in Taiwan where the kitchen is normally out in front of the shop on the pavement. The ordering counter is also here, so everyone can see the kitchen. This is great as it forces the shop to maintain a clean and hygiene environment.


The seating area is next door and is nice and modern. I like how that have some traditional paintings on the wall, and wood carving with the shop name by the door.

Lu Yi primarily serves beef noodles, and you can choose between thin noodles, thick noodles and glass noodles. I never have thick noodles as I find them too stodgy. I ordered the braised beef with thin noodles, this came with a braised beef soup, probably from that thousand year old pan we saw earlier on. You can see the soup hanging off the inside of the bowl. Apart from beef slices, there were also beef tripe and tendon inside. All the beef pieces were cooked very tender and was full of flavour. I'm not suprised, if it went through the thousand year old pan!!! I give this 8/10.

My wife ordered the glass noodle beef soup, this came in a clear soup instead of the braised soup. She said the clear soup was light, but still has a very rich beefy flavour to it. I tried a piece of her beef slices. The texture is very similar to mine, so I reckon they cook all the beef together, and then finish them off in the different soup base. She also gave this 8/10.

Overall, with the decor, the hygiene and the food, this is one good place for great bowl of beef noodles. Definitely will be coming back again.

Restaurant Information

Lu Yi Beef Noodle Restaurant
Dajin Street, Nantun District, Taichung City, Taiwan

The thousand year old soup
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This noodles looks so delicious... Love it...Also looks little bit spicy...

It looks a lot more spicy than it actually is!!


The dish in the picture looks very tasty.
Thanks for sharing

It was quite good in deed!

You mean they have been using the same saucepan for thousand of years?!! My goodness. How many generations the saucepan has changed hands?

Hopefully they would have washed it some time over the years!

Wow, that sauce pan must have fed a lot of people already. Thanks you for sharing us this lovely review. Have a great day !

Thanks a lot and congrats on winning again!!

This is what I 'd like to call a delicious review. Beef on my menu wishlist. Thanks for sharing this review, we look forward to your next post.

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Beef noodles looooooks tempting!

I suggest you add the menu list picture. that's on your table. :)

Thanks for sharing.

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The image of the menu was too blurry, not going to add sub standard photos to my post, but thanks for the suggestion