Panxi Dimsum Restaurant

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If you happen to like Dimsum very much and so happened that you travel to Guangzhou, China - the homeland of Chinese Dimsum. This restaurant that I recommend to you should be a must try during your trip !


Located at the old town of Guangzhou, this dimsum restaurant is located just next to the people's favourite park - Lychee Bay Garden.

When you first enter Panxi Restaurant, I bet you will be very much impressed by its strong and authentic Chinese Cultural environment.

And I assure you will find even strolling inside the restaurant would be a unforgetable moment - it's so huge and nice !


Even the dining halls could be different suit to one's own taste- you can choose to enjoy dimsum under the western-cafe-style external seats.

Or you could even opt for standard normal hall type table.

Panxi restaurant 5 famous dimsums are as below:
The prawn roll definitely is a must try not to missed out!

Followed by the prawn/pork chee cheong fun. It taste so sumptious that we repeat order

Next is Siew Mai, having eaten it in the dimsum homeland is really a bliss

Char Siew Pau also superbly nice!

Little Boat Congee- a type of congee people said it's originated from GuangZhou , nearby this Panxi restaurant.

There are a lot more nice dimsum we tried, but due to the fact it's so tasty that we missed to take the photo! Only realised the mistake after taking a portion but it's not so presentable to share with fellow steemians.


Restaurant Information

Panxi Restaurant, GuangZhou, China
151 Longjin W Rd, ZhongShan QiBa Lu, Liwan Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 510000

Panxi Dimsum Restaurant
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Oh, wow!

Funny, I've just read and commented on other reviews about dumplings and here I am reading and commenting at yours.

Geez, I'd really am craving to have a bite of chinese dumplings. And, it's midnight here. I guess my mission for tomorrow is to hunt some of those here in Kota Kinabalu.

thanks for dropping by. hope you have a good meal hunting 😀

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Wallao eh, sibeh geng leh... (西北棒 (很棒)) I believe China restaurant makes the best dimsum. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful food and restaurant. Do more reviews, ok?

It looks tasty!


indeed it is ! so irresistible

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After reading your post it is making crave for dim sum. It just looks sooo goood. Thanks for sharing this review with us!


yes me myself after double checking my own article also felt so wanted to fly Guangzhou for this. haha

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