Kamandaka resto, Indonesian restaurant

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Commander of this restaurant is one of the restaurants in the city of Depok
This restorand is very different from other restorand
Karna in this restorand we can see some
Theme to Indonesian one of them is from
The architecture of the place is themed Indonesiainsert Imginsert Imgin this restaurant also provides authentic Indonesian meal from rendang, soup soto, satay and many other Indonesian cuisine menu.

Not only that, here also provides karaoke room facilities for the customers
insert Imginsert Imgthe room is also large and very elegant
insert Img


Komandaka resto


Jl. Boulevard, Masale, Panakkukang, Kota Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan 90231 인도네시아

Kamandaka resto, Indonesian restaurant

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Bereh....pat lee nyan

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