Tita Lea's Food Specialties- Baguio City

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Good day!
Good day!

One of the best takeaways that I've always got is from this place called Tita Lea's Food Specialties. This is their menu. They sell Pancit Malabon, Meals, Dessert and Snacks.
Displayed are the snacks that they sell. One thing that I like is their pili nuts.
In this photos there is only one thing that I love eating and bringing home. People also bring this during their parties because it's affordable. A good thing was my auntie from Canada also loved this so she sent me to buy this for our dessert for dinner.
This is what we always order Caramel Black Kutsinta. We ordered the bilao, One order costs 255 Php which is around 4.87 USD. In it was 120 pieces of this delicious FOOD!
You get the kutsinta put some caramel sauce in it and put fried coconut on top. You actually get hooked eating these. Once you start you'll always crave for more. I will definitely recommend this for desserts during parties

Thanks for reading!

Animation by @zord189



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Restaurant Information

Tita Lea's Food Specialties
Fr. Carlu St, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Tita Lea's Food Specialties- Baguio City
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Your kutsinta creation with the caramel and coconut looks DIVINE! And delicious!


I think I ate around 20 pieces of that divine food hahah. It really was delicious. Thanks for dropping by

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I have never had such a dessert, but I've been expanding my food adventures only recently, and I'd like to try this for sure ! Very unique and interesting food item, @sgbonus <3


This is a steamed cake made with flour,tapioca and brown sugar. I just love this dessert. Come on over here to the Philippines and get some hahaha. Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day!

I see the packets, but what exactly is underneath?


That's actually fried coconut :)

I'll bet that Kutsinta is yummylicious! Is it sticky?


Yes it is kinda sticky and it really is good. Thanks for dropping by

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fried coconut looks lovely and totally a new thing for me, :D


You should try it one time. I recommended it. Thanks for dropping by

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That type of dessert is totally foreign to me, I have no idea what it even is. I understand carmel sauce and fried coconut, but what is the body of the dessert? Just curious about types of food from other cultures!


This is like a steamed rice cake and it’s ingredients are rice flour, brown sugar and lye. You should try it when you come over to the Philippines hehe. Thanks for dropping by

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120 pieces of anything for $5 is amazing in any country! What makes this black colored? I know I would love to try it. Coconut anything is my favorite food :)


I think its probably the molasses that makes it black. Come on over haha. Coconut is like its best partner! Thanks for dropping by!

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