Ulog 197# Siomai House- Robinsons Otis- Paco, Manila

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After going to a seminar me and my girlfriend went to a mall, we looked for a stall where we could get a snack.
We ended up going to a stall named Siomai House.
They were only serving 2 items when we bought from them. Pork shrimp Siomai(4 pcs), Ice cold gulaman and mineral water.
Look at all the siomai that they have being steamed.
We got one order of pork shrimp siomai which costs 40 php or thats around 0.78 United States Dollar. The one serving it probably had a bad day because she was just frowning the whole time. It was served with chili on top and I just added soy to it. The taste was okay but didn't taste that much shrimp though.
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Restaurant Information

Siomai House
Robinsons Otis, Paco, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Ulog 197# Siomai House- Robinsons Otis- Paco, Manila
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Thank you so much for the curation!


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I love Siomai.. we got this in my country. Thanks for sharing.

Yum yum!

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