108 Session Road Cafe, Baguio

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Hi guys!

Me and my friend went out after work yesterday. We were looking for a place just to take photos of session road in bloom and we ended up staying here at this Cafe. As soon as you enter the building you could already hear the band playing songs.
We decided to stay at the balcony overlooking session road. The view from here was nice.

They also have a lot of tables inside and outside. Though you don't have the view of the band.
This is the menu of this place, they have rice meals, a lot of cocktails, smoothies, promos for the drink and the fun thing was that they also serve pizza here but we just got drinks.
So we ended up getting San Miguel Apple Flavored Beer. I have'nt been drinking much lately but for some reason I missed the taste of this beer.

If you're looking for a place to drink with your friend and chill I would recommend this place
Thanks for reading!

Animation by @zord189

Restaurant Information

108 Session Road Cafe
La Azotea Bldg., 108 Session Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines

108 Session Road Cafe, Baguio
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What a cute little place, I would go there. Thank you for the images.

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Yes it really is. Thanks for dropping by and have a great day!

Good post! Cheers. 🍻🍺🍻🍺


Thank you so much! Cheers!

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Looks like a great place, with lively music and pretty chill atmosphere :) That view from the balcony is really nice, I can feel the bustle from the below street <3


It actually is, I’m just wondering how would it feel like when that street below is back to normal. Thank you so much for dropping by and for you kind comments. Have a great day!

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Wow! Never tried flavoured San Miguel before. This is definitely will be in the top list of must try when I'm visiting Manila.

The place looks cosy to hang out with friends especially the patio.