STEEM Food Tours #71 Farmer's Daughter, Benguet Philippines - Tasting Local Cuisine.

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One of our co workers recommend going to this place to taste Cordilleran food/ our local cuisine. Me and my girlfriend decided to give it a try. This restaurant is located near a tourist spot called Tam Awan village. The drive was kinda far because it's out of the city. One thing that I noticed was that they lacked parking but as soon as I got there I saw why. They had a lot of customers.
We were so lucky to get a sit in this place. IT was jam packed with people. We had to share a table with some people.
Here are some photos of the decorations that they had and how the place looked.


As soon as I got the menu, I was surprised on how affordable the prices are in this place. The food here was in the local languge. They served Aapag( Meat Courses), Sinegdiw/ Shineng- sheng(Vegetable Courses), Dulsi(Desserts), Enepuy tan sira( Rice meals), Miryenda(Snacks), Enketit/ Enketilengejen Ma-inum (Warm/ Cold drinks) and Empetangjen Masi-Jop(Hot Drinks)
We decided to order the garden salad which costs a 100 php or 1.92 United States Dollar. It had Fresh green letuce with tomato and cucumber and the dressing was a yogurt based/ honey mustard dressing

We also ordered the Kinuday jen Baha/ Steamed smoked beef meat this costs 150 Php or 2.87 USD. This was one of my favorites in this place. It just tasted different. I just loved it and what they used to serve it.

They actually got our order wrong. I remember that we ordered dinakdakan, but I think this wasn't it. It tasted smoky so I presumed that it wwas Kinuday jen Baboy( Stir fried smoked pork meat). Nevertheless, this tasted delicious.

After eating all of that, we decided to order dessert and we ended up ordering our favorite dessert, Blueberry cheesecake. I was wondering why was it so expensive, it even costs more than our meals, it was 170 php or thats around 3.26 USD. As soons as they served it I was shocked on how big it was. This was the biggest serving of cheesecake that I've ever seen in my whole life. I even compared it with my hand. When we took a bite, I was kinda disappointed because I thought that it was too creamy and it lacked cheese. After eating the whole thing I was really full.
If you want to taste our local cuisine I recommend going to this place. This place just serves a lot of If ever you visit I hope that there won't be too many people eating here which I doubt because it very affordable, they had huge portions and the food was good.

Thanks for reading this and have a great day!

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Restaurant Information

Farmer's Daughter
Tam-awan Village, Long Long Benguet Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines

STEEM Food Tours #71 Farmer's Daughter, Benguet Philippines - Tasting Local Cuisine.
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Wow, that place is PACKED ! Seems like it is definitely a popular spot for the Cordilleran cuisine... those smoked meat dishes look very tastey and that cake serving is really generous XD Blueberry cheesecake is also one of my favourite desserts <333333333333333

Yeah, I wanted to stay some more but I felt bad for the people who had no seats. You should come here and try them haha.

I guess we have something in common. Cheesecake is my favorite dessert too

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yum yum yum...
I love blueberry cheesecake with...



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Thank you Soo much sir!

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I like how the restaurant looks from the outside ... but the inside is pretty dark)) But a lot of interesting things in the interior.

This is a place I would like to eat. I always prefer crowded places when I eat. It means that the food is good.

What you said is true. I shall consider your line and look for crowded places. Thank you so much for dropping by

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With pleasure!

Really nice place!

Yes it is, thanks fo dropping by

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