Ulog#204 Town's Pizza- Baguio City, Philippines

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I cam from work and I had to meet my mom and sister at Abanao Square.My sister also came from work and we were hungry. She decided to treat us food from Town's Pizza. I remember that I used to eat this food when I was a young boy because my parent used to buy this as a snack while they were parked at the car park.

It's just a small stall and their pizza here only ranges from 90 php to 130 php or that's around 1.78USD to 2.58USD. They have differennt types of flavors from beef, white sauce, cheese, pineappple, hawaiian and Combination.

My sister decided to get us White Sauce. I remember that the box used to be plain. Kudos to them for putting a design already.
As soon as we opened it, You can feel that it was newly cooked. They were generous wtih the ham, mushrooms and cheese.
As soon as I took a bite, It just brought back a lot of memories when I was a kid. It was delicious. Me and my sister split the whole pizza. The dough wasn't too heavy that's why it was easy to eat and the sauce that they put was tasty.
Thanks for reading!

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Restaurant Information

Town's Pizza
Abanao St, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines

Ulog#204 Town's Pizza- Baguio City, Philippines
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That looks so good! Friday night is typically pizza night for us, too. That's making me hungry. I like the pizza box too! Very colourful.