Friends, Food and Drinks are the best

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It is always a good time to have a break and meet Your best friend for a meal with some cocktails.

Unfortunately the circuntances today were not the best but we made the best of it.

Life ain't always easy and perfect.

While I was waiting for him to meet me after work I have decided to grab a coffee and take some pictures around when I have decided to go to the toilet.




When he finally arrived we have decided to go for a couple of cocktails, have some olives and order a couple of starters.

We went very early and the restaurant was very quiet and empty but all the staff was really nice and helpful.

The place looked great and had an awesome environment. And the menu had a lot of choices, including for vegetarian and vegan People.





When it comes to the main dishes as I said we have ordered a couple of starters and I went for the stuffed mushrooms and they were delicious.

We were very original and both of us decided to order the same main dish. Penne pasta with peppers, mushrooms, tomato sauce, green pesto and goat cheese.

It was my first visit to the place but I have to say that I have enjoyed it a lot.



For dessert I have only drank a shot of Frangelico while my best friend decided to have a sweet that he said reminded him of a Kinder egg. It looked great.


The price was normal and average for London and if You visit their website You probably can find some good offers and discounts. Also they offer some set menus with really affordable prices.

Overall It was a great experience.

Restaurant Information

Prezzo Restaurant
183-185 Eltham High St, Eltham, London SE9 1TS, UK

Friends, Food and Drinks are the best
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Beautiful pictures, it must be great restaurant ;-)

Some delicious dishes. Awesome