Olivia's la cala Bakery

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hello everyone


  • hai friends I can gladly introduce a restaurant with a very beautiful and have all that we need it is the restaurant Olivia "s la cala which is in spain with beautiful to the wonderful and the air soothing our souls all.


  • Olivia Restaurant "s la cala is a very advanced and magnificent restaurant all over the world and people here gather here and provide delicious and delicious food and there are homemade drinks. And the cake I ordered is very tasty and very tasty I really want to add again I am very happy to be vacationing in Olivia with my friends and work associates.



  • Come my friends all on holiday to Olivia which is in spain country with to the restaurant indian this is extraordinary and magnificent with fresh air near the beach I am very glad to be able to visit Olivia with pleasure because really beautiful and very promise our peace at Olivia...



  • let friends all on holiday in Olivia must be very pleasant I definitely promise it and you are not disappointed with bergam enaka cake and other food in Olivia's la cala

Restaurant Information

Olivia's la cala
Calle Torreón, 13, 29649 La Cala de Mijas, Málaga, Spain

Olivia's la cala Bakery
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