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Good afternoon
Today I am back again recommending Noodle food which in my opinion
Healthy noodels


Why healthy
Because there are: shrimp, mushrooms, seaweed, eggs, fish balls, peanuts, vegetables and of course noodles.


How much it costs?
For a small bowl a 70K (idr) charge
And that in my opinion is affordable with our taste and health
In addition to "selling well" noodles, it also sells ice cream and field special drinks.


But I didn't discuss this because the concept of the race was Bakmi or Noodle

The address is the best-selling noodles
Jl.danau sunter utara

Besides I participated in the competition
I also hope to be able to invite the cooperation of the owner of "selling well" to be able to receive payments via Ark coin and Steemit.
Because I believe and believe in the future.

20190802_152042.jpg, Ark, Steem in Indonesia is getting bigger
And certainly helped by Indonesian friends.

Finally, I Riczuniform. Say enjoy.
When in Indonesia, especially Jakarta
Can contact me to stop by at Noddle Laris Manis



[All about nodle](--- good afternoon guys and girls im follow tastem io to contes noddles healty in sunter indonesia jakarta %[email protected]%5D%28 Ark AmbasadorJakarta Indonesia --- %5B ▶️ DTube%5D%28

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Thank you for entering our <All about noodles> Contest . Thanks to @riczuniform, Tasteem has become a more attractive guide. We upvote your post, wish you the best of luck in winning our Contest!

Hope im a winner this contes

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Noodles look very good and good review. Thanks for sharing

You can call me if you go to jakarta
This my fhone number +6281380822272

Nice to know you crypto27

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Thank you

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All my friend thank you to vote me

Nice to know about yours

Keep in touch in steem and partiko and Ark

Thank you so much

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Thank you,Mr.Jar unik

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Thnks libertycrypt to vote me

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That looks so appetizing thanks for sharing this with us

You can see a film to in channel dtube.
Nice to know you sgbonus
Happy sunday

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