Hamburgueria do Rio / Portugal

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Hamburgueria do Rio is a Restaurant/Burger Joint located in Seixal

hamburgueria do rio02.jpeg

The restaurant has a small esplanade for sunny days and a very inviting interior. Rustic and Vintage Ornaments are part of
decoration of this Restaurant.

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The Burgers are homemade style and very succulent. The quality of the bread was very well chosen and the variety of burgers
is very diverse and original in terms of ingredients. The presentation of the dishes could not be better.

The price is adequate to its quality

hamburgueria do rio05.jpeg

Must have in Seixal for those who like Hamburgers
Score 8/10

Restaurant Information

Hamburgueria do Rio
Av. da República 43, 2840 Arrentela, Portugal

Hamburgueria do Rio / Portugal
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The burgers are appetizing
The dishes are well garnished

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That looks so delicious!

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