Restaurant Aqui Peixe & Companhia / Portugal

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Aqui Peixe & Companhia is a restaurant located on the beach of Fonte da Telha, in the municipality of Almada.

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The restaurant has 2 floors, downstairs where the fish grill has a good presentation and we can both eat and watch the food being cooked. The top floor is a terrace and has a nice view of the beach which makes everything more enjoyable.

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My dish was a Bitoque, a traditional Portuguese dish, based simply on a steak accompanied by chips and salad. This is one of the most basic dishes served in Portuguese restaurants, but you have to know how to do it well, otherwise we eat at home. But in this case it was great.
Bitoque's salad was very complete, and the restaurant seems to have no trouble bringing in more garnish.

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Besides the good quality and freshness of the food, I was very well treated

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The price is good considering that it has sea view

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Very worth visiting this restaurant and eating good fish

Score 8/10

Restaurant Information

Aqui Peixe & Companhia
Av. 1º de Maio 2825, 2825 Costa da Caparica, Portugal

Restaurant Aqui Peixe & Companhia / Portugal
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Um bitoque num restaurante de peixe?? 😂 é como pedir um copo de leite numa cervejaria! 😁😉

@tixinhacapitinha Naquele local não é estranho fazer esse tipo de pedidos. Repara no placard desse mesmo restaurante quando tinha outro nome e outros donos.
Manuel dos Frangos.jpg

O Manuel abia qualquer coisa! 😂

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tens razao, mas sempre que lá vou como sempre peixe, e desta vez estava a aptecer-me outra coisa :)

Wow that looks delicious and fresh. Was it a hot day?

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yes of course!

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