Pasta, Pasta, I choose Pasta!

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Pasta is my favorite. I literally can eat pasta three times a day. And oven backed is one of the best.

I have reviewed this place before. But never tasted their pasta before. As oven backed pasta from restaurant costs a little bit high so I always can't choose this. But this time they offered 'buy one get one'. And I grabbed it. :)




The pasta was too good. Not spicy but tinder. The cheese was perfectly melted and was delicious. The upper portion may look a little burnt but it was okay I find.


They have different meal options and also a good amount of seafood options. But the price is very reasonable compared to their food quality. I really enjoyed there.



And what can I say about this place? This is such a nice place to have a meal at a reasonable price. Also, I think this can be a good place for a friend's hangout.

My rating on the place:
Food: 5/5
Price: 5/5
Environment: 4.5/5
Service: 5/5
Hygiene: 4.5/5


Much Love

Restaurant Information

Baby Shark
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Pasta, Pasta, I choose Pasta!
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Thanks but may be you missed.
I really appreciate your efforts! 😇

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Looks so yummi and tasty.


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Beautiful all

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Thanks 😊

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It looks good actually. I'm happy that there is still someone like me who can eat pasta all day. I mean pasta is one of the best food in the world.

He he he... totally!
Thanks 😊

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I liked it

Thanks 😊
It was really yummy!

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Thanks for sharing us this lovely review! May you have a great day!

My pleasure. Thanks 😊

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