Pizza Time - Mouth watering 🍕

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Hello and Namaste everyone

I am good and hope you're also doing good having nice time.

This is my review post about pizza and having 🍕 is fun. Pizza is an Italian dish but its quite popular in India and specially kids and students are crazy about it. There are huge variety in pizza and choosing one is not easy task and that too you get option of customisation and additional toppings too.

I am vegetarian and and usually stores donate offer more variety in veg as compared to non-vegetarian pizzas. Even I go for the one which is mixed with cheese and vegetables. I don't select the pizza by name instead I choose the one which has more cheese and vegetables included in to this.

This time I have visited the pizza restaurant named Chicago Pizza and they make nice pizza in terms of taste people most of the time runs behind few famous brands only while going through this local restaurant is worth.


This is the billing counter of the restaurant which is quite colorful and I placed order for vegetarian pizza. They have their kitchen separate and order counter separate so after placing order I moved there as it was about to take 15 minutes minimum time.


They have lots of varieties in pizza that I am not even much aware of so without going through much in details I ordered the one which was looking nice.



So here comes my order of delicious looking pizza which is topped by green vegetables and cheese too. They made so tasty and nice pizza and it was worth the wait for about 15 minutes.


IMG_20200111_202701__01 (1).jpg

Though pizza was good and I liked the taste but they have less variety on drink. I wanted to buy some juice instead of cold drink but they didn't have that so I ate pizza first then had bought juice from another outlet. I know that pizza is better combination with cold drink but here its too cold and I didn't want to drink anything chilled.

I find this place worthy in terms of taste and price. I paid about 6$ for one pizza which was ok because that's the usual price here.

I rate this restaurant 4.5 for good taste, nice staff service and above all making a tasty pizza.

Thank you so much for your time to read my review.

Namaste from India 🇮🇳

Restaurant Information

Chicago Pizza
Food Court, Huda City Centre Metro Station, Sector 29, Gurugram, Haryana 122001, India

Pizza Time - Mouth watering 🍕
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wow tasty

That looks so tasty!