Chinatown Meetup with @susanlo and @magicmonk

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Steemian @magicmonk was coming to London so @susanlo and I had arranged a meetup with him down in Chinatown yesterday.

We met up at a Japanese restaurant called “Mitsuryu”, which was recommended by a friend. The place was quite charming, boosting simple yet stylish decoration with a minimalist influence, providing for a nice and relaxing atmosphere. The layout is really interesting too as there is an open doorway to the popular Chinese bakery right next door!






All of us went for the Teishoku set menu where you choose a main course and side dish which are served together as a complete meal with miso soup and rice. I opted for salmon rolls & sashimi as my main. The food was freshly prepared and nicely presented, very nice indeed.




I also tried Yuzu Mochi Ice Cream as dessert, which was soso. I had better elsewhere.


It was nice meeting a fellow Steemian from the CN community. @magicmonk is a lovely person and very pleasant to talk to. We shared our experiences on Steemit as well as the current crypto market situation. Well you know, all the juicy gossip really, haha!

After food, @susanlo and I showed @magicmonk a bit of London, including Chinatown, Piccadilly Circus and of course, a bit of tourist photo taking. It was a fantastic night and one I hope happens again very soon!



Restaurant Information

9 Newport Ct, London, UK

Chinatown Meetup with @susanlo and @magicmink
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Here are some of the brilliant photos taken by @rea. Thanks again to you and @susanlo for having dinner with me and showing me around, I had a great time.

Hello there, it was nice meeting you too! I hope you have a great time for the rest of the trip in Europe. :)

Haha had a great time with you guys!! :) Enjoy your trip!






oooo @magicmonk finally got to london! nice!!!

great to see you girls catching up again as well :)

Lol yeh not a professional Traveller like yourself

It was just missing you, lol.

Be careful, he ain't no ordinary monk!

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Yes, he's a super one, haha!

thought you were going to say I wasn't a real monk :)

Are you? 🤔🤔

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Whoaaa, everything there looks good, so does your meetup. The menu look tempting.

Thank you. :)

有意思的聚会 看上去很好吃!



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你也来啊? 😊

I'm getting hungry! :)
Beautiful shots and it is always nice to see steemians getting together! :)

Me too, love Steem meetups!

Wow, nicely decorated for CNY.

It's almost the time, lol!

We are gearing up too.

What a great experience meeting up with a fellow #steemian, I love @magicmonk’s post he was one of the first #steemit members that I connected with back in November last year when I started posting. 🙏


It’s me hahhahhha!! Enjoyed the meetup Soo much xx Can’t wait to our next meeting 😍



Everything looks so yummylicious! From the picture itself I can tell how fresh the salmon is.

Now, I’m craving for Salmon sashimi. Mouth watering indeed.

Thank you for your nice comment!

What a nice place to meetup. The food looks tempting too. Nice pictures and post!

Thanks. :)


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Wow Everything look so great!!!!



This restaurant looks awesome! But it is interesting to see that Chinatowns across the globe aren't just for Chinese stuff anymore. You go to Chinatown for Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese cuisines, just to name a few.

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That teriyaki? chicken looks good

These dishes look so beautiful.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

i like pho more.

If you come back to Vietnam. I will take you to eat pho. haha

No i cant go back there.

why? Are you banned?

I dont like to fly, plane might crash i might die, cant trust asian plane.

You are like a mouse. Always fearful.


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