Puloculinary #138: Ayam Penyet Al Faisal: It’s Cheap but Worth It

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Sometime in rural area, we are very difficult to find a perfect restaurant to have lunch or dinner. But no worries, we could find any simple restaurant in many places, what we could do is just trying it. Come and order their food, like I was doing in Simpang Balek village, Bener Meriah District of Aceh Province.

There is a simple restaurant that sell Ayam Penyet as their main menu. It’s located just right at the side of Bireuen-Takengon road.


When I was there, I tried Ayam Penyet dish. I confess, you know, the taste of Ayam Penyet was great. Their home made ketchup is so spicy, but so delicious eating with rice and chicken.


If you are stranded here, just try Ayam Penyet menu of Al-Faisal. It’s only about $1 per portion. It’s cheap, great and fabulous.

Restaurant Information

Ayam Penyet Al-Faisal
Simpang Balek, Wih Pesam, Bener Meriah Regency, Aceh 24471, Indonesia

Ayam Penyet Al Faisal: It’s Cheap but Worth It
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