Cereal bread with shredded chicken and soya milk at Soya Garden

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What do you eat for breakfast? with me, only need a convenient and fast breakfast, but still, keep full of nutritious.
Have many choice for this breakfast and today I want to introduce to you breakfast with cereal bread with shredded chicken and soya milk.

Located near my company so Soya Garden shop always is one of the first choice when I want to drink or eat something. And in this morning I selected Soya Garden shop to solve my breakfast.





I never disappointed about the space of Soya Garden shop, simple but attractive, large but not empty is all that I want to say about space.
Decoration with the main color is yellow make space become warmer and when you sit next to the window, the morning sunlight shine inside made space more twinkle.

I select for me one cereal bread with shredded chicken and one soya milk. Banh mi is one of symbol food of Vietnam and soya milk is one popular drink in Vietnam, you can easily find 2 dishes everywhere in Vietnam

Beside bread and soya milk, Soya Garden also sale other dishes, you can check more dishes in this picture.
Please zoom in to see:


After order I must wait about 5 minutes for the staff prepare the food. In this time I can go around and take some picture for writing review =)))


And this is my breakfast: Cereal bread with shredded chicken and soya milk



I special like this picture because the water glass serves to attach with breakfast. I see the sentence "Chúc bạn 1 ngày tốt lành" means: "Wish you have a lucky day". I feel happy when see this in the morning.

The taste of bread and soya milk so great, the staff grilled bread so the bread quite hot when served. Bread combined with soya milk is the best combined.
Even though this breakfast very taste but the price not cheap, about 68.000 VND (3$) for this breakfast if you don't have a coupon so think hard before order this breakfast.
I rate 9 points for this breakfast at Soya Garden shop and will come back to try other dishes here. And you? how about your breakfast? let's share with me your breakfast and I very happy to hear about it.

Thank you for reading


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Restaurant Information

Soya Garden
27B Nguyễn Đình Chiểu, Đa Kao, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

Cereal bread with shredded chicken and soya milk at Soya Garden
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What a lovely place!

Yep, This place so nice!
Thank you for being here @sgbonus

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