Holiday trip on Friday

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Hello everyone today I will post the place I visited this afternoon
Today I traveled to Lamcok with my older sister visiting Pantai to feel the sweet food of Rujak Salak, which she said here her salak had been soaked in sugar water



We stopped at the paradise bay hut and chose a suitable position to see the interesting things there. We ordered egg noodles and salak.


For drinks, we order water only. There is a special food menu in this lodge, namely the Aceh Rujak salak that I want to try


This trip only filled holidays with my family. and we sat here until late afternoon so we could see the sunset and it was very beautiful when we could see this beautiful sunset on lancok beach, only so many of me hope it will benefit

Restaurant Information

Paradise bay
Lancok, Syamtalira Bayu, North Aceh Regency, Aceh, Indonesia

Holiday trip on Friday
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