Boost Your Morning In Kopi Made

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I went to Kopi Made early morning. I was going to the Museum in Renon, and stopped for a cup of coffee.

The cafe has outdoor area where I was sitting and inner area.I sat outside on a chair in front of the cafe. It was located by the side of the main road in Renon, Denpasar, Bali. I could see traffic passing by in front of the cafe.

e3igqy.jpg The front of Kopi made coffee cafe.
4jyr2a.jpg The cafe's side entrance.
j6v2ek.jpg Kopi made means coffee belongs to Made. Made is very common name in Bali, and it is pronounced as "ma-they".
87fv4p.jpg It's a such a relaxing place sitting outside and looking all the green trees.

After sitting and relaxing for a while outside, I entered the cafe. The air was cool inside the cafe because of the air conditioning. It's a non smoking area inside the cafe.
6naiv3.jpg The door to the inside room.
orc6as.jpg There were few tables inside.
zq9aei.jpg We can order our coffee here while looking on the mneu on the blackboard over the counter.
2oae80.jpg That's painting of a man, he must be the owner, he must be Made.

5evs9q.jpg Coffee beans.

aios4j.jpg Lots of coffee selection available.

I looked at the menu over the counter. It was easy for me to decide, I was just wanted to have some cappuccino. After paying in the cashier, I went outside back to my table watching the traffic again.

5 minutes later, my cappuccino arrived. It had the picture of a the leaf on the surface of the cappuccino. That's the trend nowadays. The waiter also also gave me two packet of sugar which I did not touch.

I sip the cappuccino a little bit. It was delicious and hot, I thought. It gave me some energy boost, and so that's what I felt.
tyhver.jpg "Here is your coffee, and the wifi password is ******. Enjoy your coffee.
6wje4x.jpg The cappuccino looked very nice.

5r0k26.jpg I like this leaves picture of on the coffee.

The atmosphere of this cafe was relaxing. There were a lot of trees around and in the garden. That made it felt more relax. I saw some guests having conversation over coffee. They seemed to have great conversation. Sometime they looked at me, maybe they thought what was that man doing taking a lot of photos.
gsgrl8.jpg The traffic became heavier later the day, but I was still sitting and relaxing at Kopi Made.


What I like about this place: the atmosphere is relaxing like you could spend a long time sitting enjoying the coffee while using the free wife. It was morning when I was there, so the day was not hot yet. When the day gets hotter in the afternoon, and the traffic is more outside in front of the cafe, probably the atmosphere change. So, in that case, people have a choice to get into inside the cafe where the air is cool.

Last note, they also serve cakes, and food to offer. So, people can order more than just coffee. Anyway, it was a great place for a quick coffee or even staying longer for catching up with friends or talking over business matter.

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Restaurant Information

Kopi Made
Jl. Raya Puputan No.106, Dangin Puri, Kec. Denpasar Tim., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80234, Indonesia

Boost Your Morning In Kopi Made
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even the furniture are in coffee tone😀 ...nice place.

Well, well, you notice that. I was not even aware of that. Yes, it's a nice place and thanks for dropping by.

Great place to have coffee!

Yes, indeed. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great weekend..