A Restaurant Hidden in the Bamboo Forest of Bali

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This restaurant is not easy to get there, it is located in the middle of a bamboo forest. Far away from the main city of Bali.


To get there, it takes at least 2 hours from the capital city, Denpasar. But once you get there, you will be amazed by the view and the atmosphere in the restaurant.


The restaurant building is mostly made of bamboo. The tables and chairs are from wood. You can think this is a environmentally friendly restaurant.

When you look outside from the restaurant, all you can see are bamboo forests. As the wind blows, you can hear the sounds of trees and branches in the air.

All You Can Eat

The restaurant serve buffet style food. A wide range of food selection is available, mostly Balinese food.

When I was there, I took photos of the available food one by one resulting in many photos. Here you are:

fried noodle
fried rice still on the wok on the firewood stove

jackfruit curry

chicken satay is my favorite
minced tuna satay

corn soup

I am a bit careful here because with "all you can eat" I usually eat a lot, and regret it later. So, when I was there I did not take fried rice and fried noode. But don't get me wrong. Who does not like fried rice and fried noodle??


For starter, I took corn soup


I just take any food that I like 😋

The black rice pudding for dessert

What I like the most about the restaurant is its location. It is located in the forest and built environmentally friendly. Look at this smoking room area, it is placed outside the main building and it was very built mostly with bamboo.


So, if you visit Bali, don't forget to come to this restaurant if you have time. Thanks for reading.

Restaurant Information

Bamboo Forest Restaurant
Jatiluwih, Penebel, Tabanan Regency, Bali 82152, Indonesia

A Restaurant Hidden in the Bamboo Forest of Bali
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Wow! I love the ambience of the place! I think, being in the midst of a bamboo forest is quite a delightful experience!!!

And their food looks good as well. I haven't heard of "satay" before. And I don't think I have had it. Hehehe. But it would be nice to try, since it is your favorite. 😊😉

Oh My God! You haven't tried chicken satay with peanut sauce?? This is a serious problem! I don't know if you have Indonesian restaurant in Philippine, but you need to try it ASAP 😂😂😂

Really? Is that that good?!? Hahaha! I should look for an Indonesian restaurant then! Hahaha! 😂😉

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Thank you very much. Appreciate it.


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Thank you very much.

Bang, kek mana cara beli vote bg! 🙏☺

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I love nature and the restaurant in your review is beautiful.
Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you for your comment. Yes, indeed. It is a beautiful restaurant situated in a bamboo forest.

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That sounds like a very rustic and cosy place to relax and enjoy a good meal. Thanks a lot for your review. 😋

Thank you, sir.

Wow everything look so delicious

Yes. Thanks for your comment.

mihh joon asane ne bliii

biaso gen joo, nu joonan be pindang😂

what a magic place!

Thank you for your comment 😉

Thank you for sharing this, I might visit Bali soon - putting this on visit list! :)

You're welcome. Glad you find this useful.

This place looks awesome!

Yes, indeed. Thanks for your comments 🙏👍