Want Variety of food Choices, This place got it.

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Choices and variety is what you want to see on a restaurant menu, and this place Got it.
On this day, we feasted. Totaly Unplanned, and after a somewhat busy day, i encouraged my collegues that we go eat at Kenny Rogers, my reason for choosing this restaurant was that their food and menu is 'Healthy", and therefore we went .
I am no nutritionist , so i cant judge as to if they qualify for a Healthy restaurant but they do enable a customer to select meals according to their dietary plan which is quite a rare thing in the Philippines. so for that, i give them a big thumbs up.

Their menu is fairly priced for the standard of food they serve .

Heres the rest of their menu.

sorry the Photo is quite blurry, but atleast you grasp the idea.
Since we were three, i suggested we go for a meal platter good for 3-4 persons.
If you are to talk about variety, this restaurant has mastered the art of it. In almost all their meals, they provide either, or make you choose two, or four of the sides they have , such as a fruit salad, coleslaw, mashed potato and so many other variety of options. Ontop of that, they offer muffins and a side of veggies for most of their meals


We got the chimichuri flavoured chicken, with rice and muffins and we had to choose 4 sides to pair with our main, and we also got a pitcher of ice tea, this combination and quantity was way more than enouugh to feed our very hungry stomachs.

loved their wall decor too.

Restaurant Information

Kenny Rogers
Ayala Center Cebu, Archbishop Reyes Ave Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

Want Variety of food Choices, This place got it.
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